UberEATS : We Are One

It’s time to celebrate UberEATS Singapore turning one. From launching in just CBD area a year ago, until today – Islandwide. To commemorate this milestone, I designed a set of Key Visuals and couple of assets based on the idea of ‘Islandwide’ for this celebration.

  • Role Graphic Designer
  • For UberEATS Singapore
  • Type Visual
  • With Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

A short video that I took for UberEATS on the event day itself.

With the idea of focusing on four different areas in Singapore – North, South, East and West. Picking up the iconic landmarks from each of these locations that we locals are familiar with, and place them geographically on a simplified Singapore island map.

To make it more interesting, all the landmarks have been incorporated with Food, some even have our local favourites. Can you guess them all?

A location map of the venue was designed to provide directions to the guests. Popular food vendors from the North, South, East, West of Singapore were specially handpicked and can be found in their specific region. All these information can be found on this venue map right outside the entrance.